Dynamesh in conjunction with Dynamic Project Management (DPM) presented a seminar on Building Information Modelling (BIM) by demonstrating it comprehensive and totally integrated software solution: RockWise 5D Automation.
The seminar, which took place on November 18, 2017 in Beirut, presented an overall view of ROCKWISE 5D Automation . During this seminar, A full pledge total project management approach, was demonstrated starting from BIM design to project Management & planning, to Full project control & monitoring.

ROCKWISE 5D Automation, encompasses all of RockWise ERP construction Package with full integration with AutoDesk’s Revit 3D for BIM design and Oracle’s Primavera for project planning. The integration between these three software system into One platform streamlines and automates daily operations of different stakeholders (owner reps, Designers, contractors, Engineers, and Planners..) and their own internal departments, and produces significant cost savings of up to 20% of the project total cost.
Several automation aspects of the ROCKWISE ERP Engineering package were highlighted such as BIM to estimating and Tender Management, to Contract and Subcontracting Management, to Claims & Change Management, to Drawing Submittal Tracking, to 4D automated resource and cash flow loading. Add on technologies, like Site management through Mobile connectivity to top management business Intelligence, were also shown.

These Live demonstrations were given to an audience which included more than 70 professionals from the architectural, construction, engineering, academia and real estate development sectors. An in-depth discussion between the keynote speakers and audience took place throughout the seminar to highlight the key advantages of implementing such an advanced software solution.