RockWise Contract Management System (CMS)

RockWise Contract Management System (CMS) aims at providing up-to-the-minute information to those who need it at the time they need it in the most efficient and cost-effective manner while maintaining data integrity, thus helping front-line and senior managers achieve their objectives.

RockWise CMS provides management and operations teams with the tools that enable them to influence project schedules, reduce overall cost and improve profitability by having access to the latest information of their business units in a corporate and multi-regional environment.

RockWise CMS enables your organization to standardize and unify its working procedures and business processes. It empowers decision-makers by providing them access to the required information that they need in order to monitor the performance of each company, branch, division, and project.

RockWise CMS has been designed to cater to the needs of construction companies of nearly any size.

RockWise CMS enables contracting and consulting firms to establish working procedures that help them to streamline their operations at the project level all the way up to the corporate level in a multi-regional environment and in an efficient, organized, and profitable way.

RockWise CMS provides an integrated solution that covers:

Engineering and Contracting
§ Estimating
§ Tender Management
§ Contract Management
§ Sub-Contract Management
§ Change Management & Claims
§ Drawing and Submittal Tracking
§ Performance Monitoring

Plant and Material Control
§ Inventory
§ Procurement
§ Logistics
§ Maintenance
§ Equipment & Vehicles

§ Corporate Accounting
§ Project Accounting
§ Fixed Assets
§ Budget Control
§ LC & LG
§ Treasury

Value Added
§ Document Management
§ Data Interchange
§ Decision Support
§ Integration with Primavera

Human Resources
§ Recruitment
§ Personnel
§ Payroll
§ Time sheet
§ Benefits & Claims
§ Self Service

For a complete overview of RockWise Contract Management System, please download our brochure.