RockWise Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

Management of human resources plays an important role in the development and the prosperity of any organization. Managing personnel is not merely a task of record keeping and handling of payroll data. Managing HR aims at planning and finding the right person with the right skills for the right job, as well as providing the best possible working conditions through proper training, career planning, performance evaluation and monitoring. RockWise Human Resources Management System (HRMS) encompasses nine integrated modules that include: Recruitment, Personnel, Payroll, Benefits and Claims, Employee self-service, Document Management, Capacity Building, Staff and Labor Timesheets, and an interface with Time Attendance.

ROCKWISE HRMS provides a comprehensive suite of modules that allows you to manage the complete cycle of HR from hiring to retirement. It provides the means to assess the requirements of the organization, processes the hiring procedures through associating specific skills to a job, handles applicants and interviewers for a specific position, schedules interviews and performs interview assessment, and issues employment contract. In addition, ROCKWISE HRMS helps organizations build a data-bank of potential candidates, administer employees' activities related to: appraisal, training, career planning, transfers, leave management, accidents, disabilities, disciplinary actions, capacity building, and many others.

RockWise HRMS streamlines most of the personnel and payroll functions in an efficient manner whereby the transactions are prepared, then escalated to other users for review and approval depending on a defined profile.

RockWise HRMS manages the complete cycle of recruitment, from requisition to advertising, logging applicants’ CVs, screening, scheduling of interviews, logging of interview results, assessing results, processing of job offers handling appointment letters, all the way up to signing the actual employment contract.

RockWise HRMS allows employees to update their strict personal information, submit their leave requests, access to their payroll information, loan request, travel expense, and many other functions directly through the system.

RockWise HRMS handles various categories of employees with various payroll groups, each with specific business rules and calculation methods.

RockWise HRMS consists of the following nine integrated systems:
§ Recruitment
§ Personnel Administration
§ Labor Management
§ Payroll
§ Capacity Building
§ Benefits & Claims
§ Time Attendance
§ Staff and Labor Timesheet
§ Employee Self-Service

For a complete overview of RockWise Human Resource Management System, please download our brochure.