RockWise Project Management Information System (PMIS)

A Project Manager is in charge of all project activities and has the obligation to meet the objectives within the time frame and allocated budget. He or she should have the ability to overview the performance of the project’s activities and must keep the beneficiary and other stakeholders well informed about the work progress in a systematic and professional manner. This requires adequate planning, monitoring as well as accurate and reliable data. It is through the power of accurate information, that prompt and adequate decisions can be taken which in turn can make or break a project.

ROCKWISE Project Management Information System (PMIS) helps the project management team to manage hundreds of contracts throughout the life cycle of a project. It empowers the team to keep track of tremendous transactions related to each contract that include among others: advance payments, progress reports, payment certificates, variation order and retention. In addition, ROCKWISE PMIS enables the project team to generate World Bank Financial Monitoring Reports, procurement reports, and Withdrawal Application as wells as a numerous set of reports available in various systems.

RockWise PMIS is a comprehensive integrated solution that forms the basis for controlling all different facets of a project throughout the project life cycle in the public sector.

RockWise PMIS manages multi-funded projects in the public sector.

RockWise PMIS manages contracts with multi-currencies.

RockWise PMIS provides the Project Management Team (PMT) with the tools that take advantage of the Standards and Procedures that are designed to manage their daily operations in order to handle hundreds of contracts, social sub-projects, tenders, claims and others.

RockWise PMIS provides a professional means of communication among the PMT, donors, borrowers, beneficiary, NGOs, contractor, supplier, consulting firms and individual consultants.

RockWise PMIS incorporates nine major modules that include:
§ Fund and Budget Control
§ Social Development
§ Procurement Management
§ Contract Management
§ Performance Monitoring and Evaluation
§ Accounting
§ Document Management
§ World Bank Financial Monitoring Reports–FMRs
§ Claims and Penalties

For a complete overview of RockWise Project Management Information System, please download our brochure.